About Us

FLwR Studio is the first and only company to provide luxurious and elegant personalised embossed flower boxes in the UAE. At FlwR Studio we are not only floral designers who understand and appreciate the art of flowers, we are people who understand and appreciate the subtle nuances involved in luxury gift-giving.

Our mission was simple: to create a unique, luxury flower gifting experience which allows the customer to play an active role in creating the flower boxes. Each box can be personalised in countless different ways, ensuring a truly gorgeous and individual final product. FLwR Studio is unlike any other experience. We have elevated the concept of beautiful floral gifts to another level, offering artistic arrangements, luxurious packaging and your personal touch that resonates with the receiver like nothing else.

Our premium floral arrangements are made with care that leads to a longer than average life for the flowers, ensuring that this luxurious personalized gift continues to inspire lovely emotions long after the artistic arrangement fades. Keep it, cherish it and use it your own personal way.

We at FLwR Studio pride ourselves on our quality and innovation. The passion we have as a team ensures we stay abreast of the latest market trends and confirms we meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs. We focus on product development and regularly re-invent and build-on the endless possibilities of personalization. We aim to be the go-to resource for anyone looking to give the ultimate luxurious customized gift.

Whatever your requirements, from the simple and poignant to breathtakingly magnificent, you can rely on us. Don’t just say it with flowers, say so much more with a FLwR Studio customized embossed flower box.